Happy 2019! There is no better time to make some new goals for yourself than at the start of a new year, right? And now that January is half over (how did that happen?), it’s time to check in. How have you been doing on your New Year’s resolution? Have you stayed on the straight and narrow, or have you fallen off the wagon a few times? Either way, we’re here to help! If your New Year’s resolution was one of the following, enlist a little assistance from all of us at La Pomponnee to help keep you on track!

If you resolved to carve out more “me time”

This year, we challenge you to do more for one person – yourself. You deserve the same amount of attention, time, energy, and love you devote to other people and responsibilities. Resolve to be just a little bit indulgent by treating yourself to a massage. Deep tissue, hot stone, or a quick chair massage, our massage services are the perfect way to add a little “me time” into your routine. Give us one hour and we guarantee you’ll feel rejuvenated, pampered, and ready to keep giving more of yourself to others.

If you resolved to get in better shape by summer

While you’re going to have to motivate yourself to spend more time at the gym, we can at least help get your feet in shape. Don’t wait until summer to get a pedicure! It takes more than one appointment to slough off all of the rough, dry skin that winter leaves you with. If you want to be ready for those open toe shoes and sandals when the weather breaks, start getting your toes ready NOW. Just like the rest of your beach body, it takes some work and it doesn’t happen overnight. Make an appointment for one of our pedicure services every two weeks and your feet will be in tip top shape by the time summer rolls around.

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If you resolved to take better care of yourself

Eating well and drinking plenty of water are two great first steps towards a more healthy lifestyle. Taking good care of your skin is another. Choose from any of our holistic facials, peels, or treatments for an experience unlike any other. We don’t use harsh chemicals or painful procedures. Instead, our plant-derived products will help give you that youthful appearance nature intended. Our estheticians will make sure 2019 is the year your skin thanks you for the TLC!

If you resolved to always look you best

There’s nothing like a fresh cut and color service to make you feel like a new person. Schedule standing appointments with your favorite La Pomponnee stylist and never miss an opportunity to put your best face forward. Even if you’re growing your hair out, the best way to keep it looking healthy (and to actually help it grow faster) is to get regular trims. Before leaving the salon, allow our receptionist to get your next appointment on the books (guys, we’re talking especially to you!), or even schedule visits for the rest of the year! P.S. After each appointment, we even touch up your makeup before you head out so you can leave really feeling like a million bucks!

If you resolved to stop worrying

Life is stressful. But all of that anxiety and worrying can wreak havoc on your physical health and mental well-being. In 2019, resolve to worry less and relax more. AVEDA’s stress fix line is amazing at helping you to decompress and let go. With products ranging from hand creme for a quick, on-the-go release to bath salts for a luxurious, long-lasting soak, the lavender and sage aroma will get you one step closer to living worry free. Stop in either location to shop our in-salon selections!

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