Valentine’s Day isn’t just about your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or whomever you care for the most. The day can also be about self-love and showing some affection to number one…YOU! Think of all the times you do something thoughtful for another person, or make a sacrifice in order to benefit someone else. You definitely deserve some TLC too! Treating yourself isn’t selfish; it’s necessary in order to give your best self to others. If you’re in need of a little love of your own, we’ve got just the tricks. Treat yourself to these five indulgences this Valentine’s Day!

A Pampering Facial

If you’ve been craving a little luxury, we have the answer. Our Holistic Facial is the ultimate way to spend a little “me time.” It is designed to combat damage from the sun, stress, and environment and it begins with the signature AVEDA Sensory Journey to invigorate all the senses. Then, we analyze your skin and create a cleanse, exfoliant, mask, and moisturizer tailored to your needs. Ranging from 30 to 90-minutes, it makes a well-deserved reward for anyone who needs a pick me up!

A Manicure With a Twist

There is nothing that makes you feel ready to face the day quite like a fresh mani. And maybe it’s something you treat yourself to often. If so, good for you! But let’s kick things up a notch. Add our hot paraffin treatment the next time you’re getting your nails done. For less then $20, your hands will be nourished and softened thanks to a combinations of richly hydrating lotions and essential oils. The warmth of the hand mask will make you feel cozy while the cost certainly won’t break the bank. After all…you’re worth it!

A Massage…But Longer

Massage therapy shouldn’t just be a once-in-a-while thing. In fact, there are vast benefits for incorporating massage therapy into your overall wellness routine. And if you’re going to spring for a massage, why stop at just an hour, right? In this case, more is definitely better. Opt for one of our 90-minute massages for a pampering session unlike any other. With increased circulation, reduced stress, and higher energy levels, you’ll see and feel the results long after you leave the spa.

A Hot Lather Shave

This one is for the guys. We bet they don’t think about treating themselves very often but they deserve it just as much as the ladies do. For them, a hot lather shave is always a nice add-on. We’ll channel the nostalgic vibes of traditional barber shops but we’ll have you looking like a modern man. Pay us a visit at either location to meet our Mec Modern Barbering stylists!

A New Look

You don’t need to have a hot Valentine’s Day date in order to get all glammed up. Have your hair styled and makeup done in a totally different way and feel like a million bucks just for yourself! If you typically flat iron your hair, let’s use a curling wand! Have you always wanted to rock a red lip but been too shy? We’ll show you how it’s done! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make yourself look picture perfect, even if you’ll be spending the evening at home.

And if you let our makeup artists give you that oh-so-kissable pout, you’ll be entered into our contest! Try on a lipstick, kiss an entry card complete with your name and phone number, and you could win a $100 gift card! We’ll draw a winner at the end of the month and announce it on our social media pages. Good luck!

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