Sure, getting a massage feels nice.  But did you know that your body and mind can greatly benefit from massage therapy?  Everyone loves a good spa day.  Putting on that fluffy robe, climbing into those soft sheets, and letting someone else do the work is relaxing and makes you feel pampered.  But if done regularly, a massage therapy regimen can do wonders for your well-being. While there are seemingly countless benefits of massage therapy, here are our six favorite!

6 Benefits of Massage Therapy from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

A sneak peek into one of our massage rooms!

1.) You can kiss stress goodbye.

Our lives are hectic!  As a society, we’re over-stimulated, over-programmed, and over-worked.  While we can’t do much about the way of the world, we can help with not letting it get to you too much.  Massage therapy has been shown to be a way of reducing stress and anxiety. You’ll feel the weight of the world being lifted off your shoulders, quite literally.

Our massage therapist Brenda loves helping her clients achieve balance with our specially-designed Stress-Fix Massage.  

“In my professional opinion, taking a break from life’s stressors is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Our minds and bodies need to recover from the negative effects of stress or problems will occur.”

6 Benefits of Massage Therapy from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

One of our massage therapists, Brenda

This massage begins with an aromatic foot bath and uses Swedish and deep tissue techniques customized to focus on your areas of tension.  It uses reflexology on your hands and feet and pressure points on your head, neck, and shoulders. Brenda then applies AVEDA’s aromatic nourishing oils and moisturizing creams, which are clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress.

6 Benefits of Massage Therapy from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

This experience and combination of techniques and products gives the mind, body, and spirit the opportunity to recover.

2.) You’ll catch more zzz’s.

Poor sleep or a lack of sleep can impact your mood and brain function, while a pattern of not sleeping well can lead to things like obesity and diabetes.  Consistent massages can actually help you sleep better. If you suffer from insomnia or just want to wake up feeling more refreshed, don’t reach for those sleep-aids.  Give us a call instead!

3.) Your body’s systems will thank you.

It’s amazing what your body can do without you even realizing it.  A little time on our massage table and your body will actually start to adjust itself, releasing endorphins and lowering both cortisol levels and blood pressure.  This means you’ll feel more energized (thanks to the endorphins) and relaxed (thanks to the cortisol).  Boosted white blood cell counts, fewer headaches, and improved circulation are just a few of the other physical benefits.

4.) You’ll become more mindful.

In this digital age, we’re all feeling pressure to be more present.  But what does that mean exactly?  Being “mindful” is a state of being in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations.  It means putting the phone down, moving away from screens, and knowing what’s going on, in, and around you.  A massage therapy regimen can help increase your mind/body awareness through various breathing and relaxation techniques that you can then use in your everyday life.

Our massage therapist Darla says that working in this field has sparked something inside her in a way that nothing has before.

“I’m continuing to learn that  ‘we’ as human beings are more than physical beings.  We are filled with energy and light.  In some small way, I am able to improve my client’s quality of life and help them find the beauty in themselves.”

Darla Rinaldi

One of our massage therapists, Darla

5.) Your body will feel and move better.

Do you suffer from headaches regularly?  Does your back always seem to hurt?  Have trouble lifting your arm above your head?  Massage therapy can help with all of this.  The movements and pressure of a massage can help with inflammation, fluid retention, and even stiffness.  With decreased muscle tension and increased range of motion, you’ll be moving and feeling better in no time.

6.) You’ll be more likely to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Once you start feeling better, you’ll want that feeling to last longer and longer.  One decision to take better care of yourself will lead to more and more of the same.  It might start with treating yourself to a massage, but it might end with an improved diet, more exercise, and a better state-of-mind.  Not only will a massage make you feel good now, it will also encourage more wellness and self-care in the future.

When was the last time you got a massage?

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You can read more about our massage therapy services, which include everything from hot stone to Swedish, and even prenatal.  Book one of our chair massages during your next visit to the salon; there’s no better way to wait for your color to process!  We also offer gift certificates, which make a great Mother’s Day gift!

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