Nothing screams summer quite like freshly painted toes in a cute pair of sandals. If you’re the type of gal (or guy!) who treated yourself to regular pedicures all summer long, there’s no reason to stop now! Just because boot season is here doesn’t mean you can start ignoring your feet. Even though the weather has forced our tootsies into socks and closed-toes shoes, they still need some tender loving care…probably now more than ever! Here are a few reasons why you should keep up with that regular pedicure schedule even through the winter months!

All of the work won’t be undone.

All of those summer pedicures probably left your feet feeling smoother than a baby’s bottom. Why stop now?! Winter pedis will allow you to KEEP those buttery heels you worked so hard for. Otherwise, your feet could become icky, forcing you to start all over again when the spring rolls around. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

You could save yourself some pain.

The purpose of pedicures isn’t to just make your feet look pretty. They can actually save you some pain and discomfort in the long run. Feet that are left unattended can become so dry and calloused that they actually crack and bleed. But regular moisturizing and removing dead skin cells will keep your skin healthy. Save yourself from needing some serious medical attention (and a hefty doctor’s bill) with just a monthly pedicure.

They’ll warm you right up.

“I love being cold!,” said no one ever. Step out of the frozen tundra that January and February are sure to bring and step into our pedicure chairs. The warm water will feel so soothing on your cold skin that you just might not want to leave. During your pedi, sip some of our hot AVEDA tea for a double dose of warmth! To kick things up another notch, add a paraffin treatment to your next appointment. Not only will the hot wax keep you nice and toasty, but it will help combat nasty winter dryness.

They can lift your spirits.

Ever experience the winter blues? Us too. For some, the colder months and particularly the holidays bring about feelings of gloom. The gray skies of Pittsburgh certainly don’t help either. If you’re looking to bring a little bit of sunshine to your life during this time of year, remember to treat yourself. Nothing feels quite as uplighting as pampering and being just a little bit self-indulgent. Plus, a bright color on your feet just might remind you that there is warmer weather and sunnier days ahead!

Ingrown toenails are not cute.

Your feet and toenails need to BREATH but this is kind of difficult in the cold months. Constantly wearing socks and closed toe shoes (especially ones that are too tight) can actually lead to ingrown toenails, among other ailments. Your pedicurist can make sure your nail beds are constantly at a healthy length to prevent these pesky problems.

You won’t be afraid to go barefoot.

At some point this winter, you will be forced to go barefoot! Maybe it’s when you arrive at a friend’s home for a holiday party and the host asks you to remove your shoes. Maybe it’ll just be in your very own shower. But we guarantee at some point, you’ll have to go without shoes and socks. Save yourself from embarrassment and keep up with your regular pedicure schedule! Trust us…no one wants to see your ungroomed feet.

Can’t make it in to the salon all the time?

No problem! You can still show your toes a little love in between pedicure appointments. AVEDA’s foot relief moisturizing creme has exfoliants to remove dead skin and oils to help soften. Use it between appointments or apply it nightly to keep your feet feeling like you just left your pedicure appointment!

What side of the debate are you on…pedicures in the summer only or all year long? If you answered the former, stop in for one of our luxurious pedicures treatments. We guarantee you’ll change your mind ;)

To help convince you, we’re offering a paraffin treatment for just $10. Add it to any pedicure service between now and February 28, 2019!

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