Have you ever left a salon visit feeling like you and the stylist weren’t on the same page? That what you had in mind is not what you paid for? That situation can easily be avoided with a little preparation! From questions to ask yourself to ways to speak to your stylist, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your next appointment with us!

Schedule a consultation before an appointment.

Open lines of communication are the key to any good relationship, and that goes for the one with your hairstylist too. Let’s chat before scissors or a color brush even touch your hair! Prior to scheduling a service, visit us for a consultation. We’ll get to know you and your desired look better and we’ll talk about how we can achieve it. It’s only after an open dialogue that we’ll be able to understand your goals and how we can meet them.

Helpful Hint: Come to the consultation wearing your hair like you normally style it. Save the ponytail for a future visit. We need to see what you do, when you do your hair.

Photos are a must…

9 Ways to Prep for Your Next Salon Visit from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. To best articulate the style you’re after, let a photo do the talking. Gather some inspiration from Google, Pinterest, or your favorite beauty blog prior to your appointment and have them ready to go when you sit in the chair. Be ready to point out what you love (or don’t love) about them. This will help to spark a conversation with your stylist and help him or her understand your wishes!

But remember that photos are often retouched!

9 Ways to Prep for Your Next Salon Visit from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

Magazine and social media pictures don’t always portray reality. Those glossy, Instagram worthy images you see are likely Photoshopped, Face Tuned, and otherwise edited, ESPECIALLY when it comes to hair color. We’ll try to get you as close as we can, but keep in mind that there is always more to a photo than meets the eye.

Play up your strengths.

We just said we love when clients bring us inspiration photos! But sometimes photos can give clients unrealistic expectations. Does the model have the same hair thickness as you? Does he or she live in a similar climate? Do his or her locks have the same texture as yours? Is that even their real hair?!?!  While a photo can certainly inspire our work, we want to give you the best look that is going to work with YOUR unique features and lifestyle!

Leave the technical terms to us.

9 Ways to Prep for Your Next Salon Visit from La Pomponnee Beauty Artisans

Words like balayage, color melting, and glaze can be confusing for those who don’t work in a salon every day. If you use industry jargon but aren’t quite sure what it means, it could lead to unwanted results. You don’t need to impress us by dropping beauty buzzwords; trust us, we already love you. To make sure we’re achieving your desired look, just show us a photo and tell us what you like about it. Then, let the pros determine the techniques to get there ;)

Consider your lifestyle…

Be honest with yourself…do you really want to spend two hours getting ready every day? Then that fancy style that requires daily washing, blow-drying, and curling probably isn’t going to work for you. It’s ok to want something easy. Think about how much time you have for styling and we’ll help you find a cut that fits within your lifestyle.

And be honest about your comfort with styling tools.

If you don’t want to drop a ton of money on new tools, let us know what you already have at home. We’ll suggest a look or styling methods that can work with your existing inventory. On the other hand, if you’re up for learning how to use a curling wand or want to give at-home blowouts a try, we’ll give you some pointers to get started!

Don’t forget about products!

What products do you use on a daily or weekly basis? Do you want to stick to that regime or are you open to switching it up? The type and amount of product you like (or don’t like) to use can quickly determine whether or not a style is going to work for you.  

Trends don’t last forever.

While we love staying on top of the ever-changing beauty trends, remember that they come and go very quickly. What is in today will likely be out by the time you’re done reading this post. The mermaid or unicorn-inspired colorful styles seen all over Instagram are pretty, but they take hours to achieve, are expensive, and wash out quickly. If you’re a child of the 1980s, you’ll probably appreciate that the mullet is actually making a comeback! Like we said, trends come and go, and some even come back again. If you want to try the latest IT look, we’re definitely up for the job. But classic beauty will always be in style!

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