Curls are coming back and in a BIG way! It’s time for your flat iron to take a vacation because waves and coils are hot! Read on because we’re sharing our latest tips for the naturally textured look.

The new wave.

The American Wave is a new technique designed and formulated by celebrity hair stylist Nick Arrojo. This isn’t your grandma’s Toni! It was developed to give modern clients soft, natural-looking curls and waves without a huge commitment. The semi-permanent process lasts about three months and smells of eucalyptus, instead of harsh chemicals (we bet you can smell them now!). You’ll leave the salon with a smoother hair cuticle, controlled frizz, added texture, and gorgeously full hair.

We’re thrilled that our own Gabby traveled to NYC last month to be certified in this new technique. Look for it on our menu of services soon!

Use a mini wand.

Whether you’re hoping for easy, breezy beach waves; loose, voluminous curls; or just a little bit of mess to make your look less sleek, you’ll need a mini wand (find some of our favorite hair wands here!). This tool is bound to be your new best friend if you’re hoping to switch up your style to something with a little more oomph. The size of the curl you want to create will determine the size of the wand barrel you’ll need. Tighter curls or ringlets call for a small barrel, while a larger size is best for looser, more carefree styles. No matter what, start working on your look BEFORE drying your hair. Prep wet hair with AVEDA’s Pure Abundance Style Prep. Follow it up with the AVEDA Thickening Tonic. After thoroughly drying the hair, divide it into even sections. Spray each with AVEDA’s Brilliant Spray before wrapping it around the wand. Allow the hair to cool before touching! For complete steps on how to create the most coveted curls, check out the video tutorials on the AVEDA website.

Use a texture iron.

Remember the good ol’ days of crimpers and rocking that straight-out-of-the-80s look? Good times. It’s true what they say – all old trends eventually come back around. This one is no exception, only this time, it’s called a “texture iron”. Consider it the new and improved crimper. With micro ridges that heat up to 450°, it will help you achieve both texture and volume in ways its old predecessor never could. Even three times the volume of your natural hair! Use it to add height to your ponytails, edge to your updos, or thickness to your braids. Either way, we recommend starting out with the AVEDA Heat Relief to protect your precious locks.

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