Whether it’s your real dad, a step-dad, or even the father of your own children, it’s almost time to honor the father figure in your life. We’ve rounded up our favorite unique Father’s Day gifts that you can get right at our very own barbershop – Mec Modern Barbering. Don’t worry…these gift ideas aren’t your typical haircut. There’s so much more that Mec offers and we’re sure Dad will love any one of these!

5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From the Barbershop

A Hot Lather Shave

Treat Dad to the ultimate in luxury for men. This old school service has been making a comeback over the past few years and it’s for good reason. A hot towel applied to his face before and during the shave opens up the pores, promoting circulation and allowing for a closer shave. It also removes unnecessary dirt and oil from the skin, resulting in a rejuvenating effect. We promise he’ll feel like a new man with this relaxing experience!

5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From the Barbershop


Women aren’t the only ones who need a little waxing treatment from time to time. Sorry guys, but excess hair in places like the nose and ears isn’t exactly a good look for you. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Our barbers can take care of those pesky whiskers in a jiff. This virtually painless process can be done during your haircut appointment. Just ask your stylist to pay close attention to those areas that might need a little pruning!

5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts From the Barbershop

A Massage

Maybe it’s from playing sports with the kids or maybe it’s from all of that back-breaking yard work. Either way, we’re pretty sure Dad has some sore muscles. Treat him to one of our massage services for a reboot to the system. Indulge him with a 90-minute appointment with our massage therapist, or opt for a lunch hour chair massage if he’s on a time crunch. Both will leave him feeling stress-free and pampered!

A (MAN)icure

Just like with waxing, women aren’t the only ones who should pay attention to the health of their nails. Convince Dad to try one of our (man)icure services and we guarantee he’ll be converted. The cuticles are cut, the nails are trimmed and bummed, and we wrap things up with an aroma hand massage. He’ll quickly change his tune about nail care for men; we promise!

A Men’s Facial

Skip the tie, new golf balls, or grill accessories. This year, help Dad put his best face forward with a facial specifically geared towards him. Our men’s facial includes a deep cleansing process to remove the gunk, followed by an exfoliation to reveal new, brighter skin. We finish with a massage and a masque customized to his skin type. The result is a fresh-faced father who won’t be able to hide his smile and satisfaction with his new look.

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